Give me those beats I eat those

Feel this drumming beat
Running through my veins
My heart's racing a mile
Shooting into my brain
I'm an addict of this shit
Who's been hooked for a while
This crazy fucking music
They call it Hardstyle

♥ Myrthe
♥ From Holland
♥ Hardstyle & Hardcore


While I still love hardcore and hardstyle with all my heart and listen to it all day long while I’m at work (and that will never change) I’m just not feeling this blog at the moment.

No one reblogs me anymore, most of the blogs I follow are inactive, it’s always the same thing and I’m pretty much invisible myself so yeah…

I’ll probably be back real soon, but until that time comes you can find me here:




life is tough when you’re a lazy perfectionist who simultaneously doesn’t give a shit about anything but at the same time cares too much about everything you feel

holy fuck I’ve never heard a sentence that describes me better

I thought I was the only one


these two have been friends for more than 20 years

aranol ;D We’ve been friends for 20 years too!

I HAAATE Sigma’s nobody to love. I don’t think I’ve hated any track this much since the fucking Ketchup Song.

Armin Van Buuren @ The Forum | RUKES.COM

Armin Van Buuren @ The Forum | RUKES.COM

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Heart With Headphone