Give me those beats I eat those

Feel this drumming beat
Running through my veins
My heart's racing a mile
Shooting into my brain
I'm an addict of this shit
Who's been hooked for a while
This crazy fucking music
They call it Hardstyle

♥ Myrthe
♥ From Holland
♥ Hardstyle & Hardcore



always be kind,
that person you weren’t nice to could be losing a battle against themselves and they don’t need one more person to push them over the edge.


kinda want to eat healthy and exercise
kinda want to consume my body weight in ice cream

WiFi: connected
Me: then fucking act like it

So yes, this is why I don’t go to raves more often. People fucking suck where I live

The “friends” who’d asked me if I wanted to go to Mysteryland with them never got in contact with me about it, and I assumed they’d decided against going (they weren’t sure when we last talked).

But no! They’re going! Just not with me. Of course.

The sad thing is that I EXPECTED this to happen and now it turns out I was right and my social fucking phobia is going to get even worse after how shitty they’ve always treated me

Cameron: Is it so wrong for them to want to have a normal child? It’s normal to want to be normal.
House: Spoken like a true circle queen.
House: See, skinny, socially-privileged white people get to draw this neat little circle. And everyone inside the circle is “normal”. Anyone outside the circle needs to be beaten, broken and reset so that they can be brought into the circle. Failing that, they should be institutionalized. Or worse - Pitied.
Cameron: So it’s wrong to feel sorry for this little boy?
House: Why would you feel sorry for someone that gets to opt out of the inane courteous formalities which are utterly meaningless, insincere and therefore degrading? This kid doesn’t have to pretend to be interested in your back pain, your secretions or your grandma’s itchy place. Imagine how liberating it would be to live a life free of all the mind-numbing social niceties. I don’t pity this kid - I envy him.



Canadian music festival takes huge step against Native appropriation

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From their announcement:

For various reasons, Bass Coast Festival is banning feathered war bonnets, or anything resembling them, onsite. Our security team will be enforcing this policy.

We understand why people are attracted to war bonnets. They have a magnificent aesthetic. But their spiritual, cultural and aesthetic significance cannot be separated.

Bass Coast Festival takes place on indigenous land and we respect the dignity of aboriginal people. We have consulted with aboriginal people in British Columbia on this issue and we feel our policy aligns with their views and wishes regarding the subject. Their opinion is what matters to us.

me after every conversation: shit they'll never wanna talk to me again

More pictures of The Pitcher coming up 😜
#hardstyle #thepitcher


More pictures of The Pitcher coming up 😜

#hardstyle #thepitcher



putting on head phones when your volume is at 100%


Are you saying a puppet is going to attack me?

Heart With Headphone