Give me those beats I eat those

Feel this drumming beat
Running through my veins
My heart's racing a mile
Shooting into my brain
I'm an addict of this shit
Who's been hooked for a while
This crazy fucking music
They call it Hardstyle

♥ Myrthe
♥ From Holland
♥ Hardstyle & Hardcore


Armin Van Buuren @ The Forum | RUKES.COM

Armin Van Buuren @ The Forum | RUKES.COM

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Pretty much everything is horrible, especially in the grander scheme of things.

What’s wrong bb? :(


Driving in Amsterdam is like playing Frogger!

Almost forgot about this video. Here are 200 reasons why I hate driving


You are not worthless.

You are not a “mistake.”

You are not better off dead.

You are not “disgusting and fat.”

You are not “a waste of space.”

You are more important than you give yourself credit for.

You are a great person with a meaningful life.

You are a human who is here for a reason.

You are strong enough to get through this.

You are worth nothing but positivity.

And if you wondering if anyone cares about you well..



💕💚KASKADE 💜🐛 take me back to beyond


💕💚KASKADE 💜🐛 take me back to beyond

Heart With Headphone